We have pleasure to introduce our establishment manpower consultants. Our rganization was established in May 23, 2017 at Peshawar under registration # OP&HRD/4245/PWR/2017 by the Managing Director Mr. Asad Habib. We have been appointed & licensed by Government of PAKISTAN for carrying out recruitment of Pakistani nationals for employment abroad.

We have recruited highly experienced professional and skilled Manpower for a large, medium and small employers throughout Saudi Arabia. Now we desire to expand our business throughout the Gulf. Our definite objective is to become the most reliable manpower service company, maintaining high international standard, to earn the reputation in the manpower supply business by ethical and professional Performances.
We have in our list doctors, engineers, technicians, electricians, welders, fabricators, secretaries, mechanics, nurses, dispensers, accountants, carpenters, air-conditioning and refrigeration experts and many other skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled manpower which can cater all the needs of our foreign clients by providing them the best personnel available in respective field.

We have a team of experts from all relevant fields who conduct preliminary interviews
of the candidates for employment abroad. On receiving particular demand from our foreign client, we forward them complete bio-date of those persons only, who are recommended suitable for such employment. This provides a chance to clients to judge and analyze themselves, the capabilities of the persons and approve them for final selection.

We use appropriate testing of Govt. agencies and private institutions to test the candidates such as welders, fitters, mechanics, electricians, carpenters, plumbers and masons etc. for proper practical examination of the candidates. Thus, we undertake the responsibility for the selection of the right person for the right job, as directed by the employers.

We also welcome our valued clients who may like to visit Pakistan in order to select persons by themselves according to their requirements. We extend our full co-operation in providing them the qualified persons by advertising of the posts in countrywide leading newspapers.

We have an efficient team of workers in our establishment who handle promptly and efficiently all the formalities relating to visa immigration, exchange control, flight booking, hotel reservation etc. Our highly qualified medical officer carries out all the medical tests etc. of the selected candidate and ensures that all the health requirement are fulfilled.

By, these presentations we take the opportunity to offer you our services for providing Pakistani manpower, professional, skilled or un-skilled exactly according to your need and expectation. You can rely upon us in this behalf.